Teaser: Åpningen av The Land of What If (Engelsk)


What if you could talk to the dead? What if the dead weren't dead but simply alive in a different world? What if you could go back in time, go forwards in time, scratch time all together? What if you could skip gravity? What if reality was a lie? What if, what if, what if??

Jump. The word resonates in my head. We stand at the top of the castle, on the balcony of the tallest tower. My hands clutch the railing; my toes fold around the edge of the balcony, competing for space. I've been thinking of jumping for so long, it feels like I already have. My mind is already in midair, sensing the wind whip against my skin, drum against my ears. I know I'll do it. I have to. Why prolong the inevitable? But what if there's nothing beyond? What if this is my final moment and after this I simply cease to exist? Why rush it?
            "The view is great, though," I say in a fake cheerful voice that doesn't sound like mine. I tighten my grip. "Can't complain about that."
             It's like looking out of the window of a descending airplane on a fine day. We can see the lawn, the forest of fir-trees, the river and the rolling hills behind it. Humans, elves and teddies play by the entrance of the castle. Some of them drink goon - or wine - passing it between them. I recognise the metallic bag, identical to the one inside wine boxes. Their faces are blurred from this distance, but I can spot the elves' cone-shaped hairdos and the orange, red and green of the teddies' plush fur. They're no longer crouching and howling, preparing to kill. Instead, they're giggling.
             "Therese," Edith says. She's behind me, on the inside of the railing. "You don't have to do this."
            The harder I grip, the clammier my palms feel. Jump. If I jump, I'll drop straight down onto the steep pink roof below. I'll slide, fast, and shoot off the edge, tumbling through the sky.
            "I want to," I say. How many bones will I break? What will it feel like, crashing to the ground? Will I even feel it?
            The white walls of the castle glint in the sunlight. In another life, we would have admired the golden hanging bridge, the moat and the massive stone wall surrounding the castle. We would have gaped at how spring has appeared in a few hours and wiped snow and winter away. We would have said it seemed like a fairy tale. How I wish it was.
            Edith strokes my shoulder. It tickles. Turning my head, I see her brown curls plastered to her cheek, red with blood. She is so pale - even her lips are white - but she still smiles at me. It's a closed-lip smile - the one she always wears when she's trying not to cry.
             "I know you're scared," she says. "There's no shame in that."
             I'm not scared - I can't be scared. Of course I'm scared.
             "Tess." She chuckles. The sound becomes an echo, bouncing off the rooftops. It blends with the laughter from the lawn. It's a chilling, inappropriate sound, like hearing laughter in a cemetery at night. "It's okay. You tried. That's what counts."
            It's not. Trying doesn't save her. Trying doesn't get her back. Just jump. Does it matter if this is real or not? Does it matter if I'm insane?
            In my mind I see her still and arrogant, lying in a coffin. I see her glazed eyes glance past me as if I'm not even worthy of her stare. I feel her cold hand in mine, not clenching back. If I don't jump, I'll lose her - again.
            "Therese," she says.
            I shake my head. Closing my eyes, I take a deep breath, let go of the railing and jump. 

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13.01.2017 kl.22:56

Veldig spennende. Liker at det er dreperbjørne, om jeg har forstått rett? Er veldig glad i fantasybøker med et twist, noe som det virker dette er. Noe jeg likte veldig godt er når du skrev "I'm not scared - I can't be scared. Of course I'm scared.". Utrolig fint på en rar måte, som ga liksom en fin innsikt i Therese. Flink å skrive er du ihvertfall!

Maja E V Olsen

14.01.2017 kl.12:21

Anita: Tusent takk for veldig hyggelig tilbakemelding, Anita! Kommer mer fra romanene mine på bloggen senere. Ha en god helg.

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